Sersale, a small town in Calabria

Here is Sersale, as seen from a cousin's giardino
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Sersale was founded in 1620. It was named after a baron named Francesco Sersale who owned a lot of land in the area surrounding the present borders of Sersale. He and his family were from Napoli. There are records of this family in that area from as far back as 1271.

Life was pretty bad for the "humble classes" of people in those times, and in Serrastretta, things were so bad that a small group opted to leave. Upon hearing that Francesco seemed to be a very just owner and offered what seemed to be a good deal to the peasants that settled there, a small group of colonists walked about 30-50 miles over rough terrain to start new lives on this beautiful piece of property. After having a fine palace built for himself, he had his workmen build narrow little shacks for the workers to occupy; right in full view of his palace. He developed a kind of co-op system where people could work patches of land and have to pay him so much at the end of the year. He encouraged them to plant trees and gardens to feed their families, as the land was good and there was a stream that ran through the area all year round. The original settlers were all from Serrastretta, and here are their names:
Francesco Giuliano, Pietro Torchia, Giovanni Girolamo Talarico, Giovanni Tommaso Mancusi, Marco De Fazio, Vittorio Torchia, Luca Antonio Felice, Francesco Mulinaro, Giovanni Maria Senatore, Giovanni Tommaso Gallo, Pietro Giovanni Mazza, Marcantonio Defazio alias Caulo.

Many descendants of these original settlers still live in Sersale, and of course, many have emigrated to various parts of the world. After Francesco Sersale died, his land passed into the hands of his descendants who did not have the same values as he. Their greed and disdain for human life caused misery for the settlers. At certain periods because the children of the owners did not have to work they caused many problems such as taking advantage of the young girls and getting them pregnant, as well as the fees for land usage growing larger incommensurate with the produce of the land. The great grand children of this Baron also lost pieces of land by making bad investments and this is how eventually the land was owned by many people and the town developed.

Carmela Borelli became a part of the History of Sersale in 1929. I have translated her story.

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Members of the Sersale Band, also my cousins

Antonio and Enza, sposati

Carmine Torchia, cantautore sersalese

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