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My Vacation in Sersale

In 1989 I finally was able to visit Italy. I was accompanied by my mother; partially so I didn't have to go alone, and partially because I was afraid she'd never get to go if she didn't go with me.

Donald and I returned to Sersale this September (2001) I haven't got the pages done yet, but if you'd like to see some photos of Sersale, please go here

to the right is my mother Carmen Fressola Flak and me at the Chiesa De Madre (Church of the Mother) in Sersale

This is the house my great grandfather built. The original wrought iron still decorates the arch. My great grandfather's name was Francesco Torchia. Standing in the doorway is his great great grandson, Pasquale Riccio

many of the buildings in Sersale bear the signs of extreme age. Filled in stonework, old arches, etc another view
The city of Sersale is about 500 years old. This ancient street goes underneath the buildings around it. Teresa Riccio and Mimi
There are a bunch of us, all cousins: Carmela Torchia, Adriana Torchia, Mimi Torchia, Teresa Riccio and Patrizia Musacchio all in the house that Francesco Torchia built. My grandfather was born in this home

A beautiful view of the beach; near Catanzaro; Lido

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