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In His Own Write: Josiah S Boothby

Josiah wanted to get a pension since he was disabled from his service during the Civil War. The following is copied letter for letter from a copy of his Petition.

Independence Polk County Oregon

December 17th, 1882

Hon Comitioner of Pentions.

The first Sickness I had while in the Service. was, westren Mo. it was plurice in left side. was teated by the rigtmantle surgon. That was December 61. May 1862 while Camped neare Corinth Miss. was taken down with Chills and fever and Camp Direah. was treated in Camp Hospitle by the regt Surgon in about too weekes got well enoughf to go to my Company. in 1863 while on the march around Vixburge and near raymon Miss. about the first of May of that yeare. was taken with Dierah and Scurvey kept on duty until I gave out completely breaking down in my back. Was taken to field Hospitle Stade thare for Several dayes dont remmeber but think Som ten dayes. The surgon Said my kidneys and Blader was badly afected. and wanted to Send me to a Hospitle Boat. I told him I thought that I wold com around all rite in a few days. So he let me go to my companey. I did not think at the time that I had Contracted a lifetime disease. I lost all my teath in cocequence of the Scurvey. Tho I hav not Said aney thing about the Scurvey in making out my Claim for a Pention. Soon after the capture of Vixburg I had a nother atact of the Same Complaint of kidneys as before. was treated in my one tent. by the regtmat Surgon. From that on untill I was Discharged from the Survis. was treated a number of times in my one regtmental Quarters. as time wore on from the time I was Discharged until the presant time has bin groing worse. as I grow older I Cant remember the names of aney of my regtmatal surgons. Tho the last one. was a hired Sitasan Surgon. I hav tride to giv the Departmant as Presise acount of the times and pases of MY Direant Sickness as my Best recolection wold Serve me .

Very Truly youre obediant Survant

Josiah S. Boothby

This is a letter from his commanding officer. The spelling was better, but his handwriting is awful.

State of Iowa; Lee County

I WBCollins having been duly sworn on my oath say I am the same WBCollins who was Captain Company "F" 7th Mo fifth fols(?) and am personally and ultimately acquainted with Josiah S Boothby late of said Company "F" 7th Regt Mo fols(?) and now I understand the said Boothby resides in Independence Oregon that on or about the 5th day of May A.D. 1863 the said Boothby while in the field was taken down with affection or disease of the kidneys and bladder and as I now remember was prior to that time a few days complaining and left the Company and regiment then in the field near Raymond Mississippi. that said disease as I believe was brought about by the exposure incident to the Campaign. that I was in command of said Company at tht time and remember of this severe sickness but do not remember the details and particulars thereof or of the length of time he was absent from the company- that when he enlisted he was apparently stout and healthy. That I have no interest in his application for pension and reside at Keokuk Lee County,Iowa

WB Collins

Subsented and sworn to before me WB Collins this 1st day of July AD 1880 whom I certiy to be the identical person he represents himself to be as I believe from his appearance and statements and have no interest in the above application for pension witness my hand & seal of official

SS James

Clerk of District Court

in and for Lee County Iowa

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